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Got this costume sundress for Pam, unluckily weather didn't cooperate (second hetero year), so I'm the only one she wore it for.
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We are duo from Italy and we live and work in Greece. We determined to take some picks. My wifey loves to have two things inwards her at the same time.One for her smooth-shaven beaver and one for her ash.
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Gail is a pro electrical engineer in NY. Mostly conservative but here she is exposed letting go in a motel. Hotels seems to turn on married women. Comments encouraged.
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Some nice pics of a beautiful hairy lady I met on the net. She emailed me some pics to spread around the net to make her famous. Please leave comments.
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Fine Forms - Cris is a good friend of mine, last time we went out for dinner we ended up talking about photography and I was able to woo her to let me take these good shots. Enjoy!!!
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I like my snatch packed up and my accomplice is far away, so I found Mr. C at the store and gave it a attempt. Perceives good to be total.
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How do you like me now? As I think the song goes. I am ready to pop boys and dolls. Dreamed to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas. I can't wait to open my presents!:)
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No real story here... just more pics from my crazy nite... which in turn became morning..... I can't wait to here all your sexy comments....
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hi all it was just one of that hot summer afternoons ... very hot ... and i was in very good mood to take some photos ... so now u can see results :) have joy smooches Marion
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sometimes in a month a man needs other woman then the one he?s got at home.....this one is of my special girls....for round 50 bucks you can get everything....
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strand bod girlHere is the last batch of pics taken of my wifey. These were taken several years ago. I downright left behind about the pics until I ran across them while cleaning out some storage boxes.
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Met this 20yr old in a flight and a few days afterward ended up taking these photos. Once the real joy begun the camera became a secondary issue. I 'll get more next time. HG