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This is Part Two of me playing in the park on our fresh love swing! Enjoy...I did! Please don't post my email addy! Nice comments are answered, masturbate comments are ignored!
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lemon determined that we had not taken any pics of late so she got the camera out , and here are the resuts of a horny session...enjoy
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Esta es unas de mis amiguitas y si les gusta puedo convencerla para hacer más producciones. Y tambien con mis otras amigas.
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Gonna give it one more attempt. She doesn't think she's sexy enough so here's a few older pics. Let's see how the votes and comment's go
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Hi to everyone. Here are more BJ pics for people who asked for them. Thanks for writing to me. Just love the sensing of that warm jism on my bod. Hope you like them as much as I had joy doing it.
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HI IGOR Here you have some pics of my wifey ,she do not know that I did send these pics sohere you have some pics of 48 years old wife.I just love her tits and c....
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To help pass the cold winter months, Meg and I love sitting out in the hot bathtub on our back deck. For once, I ultimately got some pictures of her in it!
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We have taken a number of photos, but we've ultimately determined to post them. She can be a bit timid, so we're sorry for the blurred face.
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Tagen 2nd Set - It took me Six months the very first time but after so many hot and sweet comments I determined to do this again after all it was kinda joy : )
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Very first time fotoshooting for her. We were just experimenting toyed a little with the webcam, and the moron behind it messed with the concentrate :/ ... but thats what came out of it :)
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Hi Everyone-Thanks again for the excellent comments and the "lewd" requests on our last post here and in VW. Here are some misc pics of me loving myself. Cheers, Cathy
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Howdy, I just got back and I send a petite unclothe sans "many claims" to wish everyone a Blessed Fresh YEAR 2015 and begin instantly with the spectacles.