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Our date night included a suprise for her. I eyes covered her, cuffed her mitts behind her back and left her naked while I went to meet her suprise for the night.
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I'm dean, angel is my model. this is what angel wears when we go out to soiree. the rest is what she doesent wear when i soiree. hope you like.
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How you recognized in my last contris I love the joy you can have in winter. But sometimes I miss to wear my hot summer-outfits or to be naked more than few minutes ;)
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i like and love it, to showcase the pics of my hot and horny wifey. i am very proud of her and i love the comments. and i like to send you the pics or to trade pics.
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beach nude blonde Lara'S Very first Contri - We stayed in all morning on Saturday getting each other hot and moist. Had lots of joy shooting these. This is our very first attempt, let us know what you think.
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My hubbie says that I don't need to be fully naked to be sexy. Here is a series of photos he took to see if you guys agree. If you like these, you'll see more... guaranteed!
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The ladies were lovin' the compliments (and flinging the bird at the haters). The ratio of positive comments far exceeded the scum so they're back for the promised encore.
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Here are some pics of my 30 year old wifey. It has been over a year but we are back in utter force. We would love to hear your comments notably the more colorific ones.
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We would like to wish everyone a glad and safe holiday season. Thanks to everyone who took the time to leave us messages (really appreciate the good comments). Hope you like my Xmas cards...
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playa nude blondeHello, we like to wish all of you a verry good 2005. This pics from marj are taken about 20 yers ago, only one of them is latest. Do you like them?? Tell us. Bey for now,
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Lengthy time viewer but never contributed. This is my 28 y/o fiancee that loves to take other guys home from the club and have me film. I have lots of others to share. Let me know what you think.
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Well one day i was walking on the street of some place and i noticed something yeahh it was i sd card!!! i guess what i found in the memory yeah and i want to share with you guys!!!!