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After the very first contri (Je very first try), I send you those pics of my wifey unwrapping. Hope you will love watching as we luved doing. please leave us good comments.
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Aggie appreciates all the kind comments and totally overlooks the negatives. If you are seeking youthfull model types... stir along. All email answered in due time.
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Hubby and I witnessed this cool old barn and stopped to take some photos kinda looked like it matched my jeans lol, it was little weird because it was right across from a grave yard.
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My wifey has always been a horny female. Yes, she's had over a 100 dudes. Some since we got married. Please be nice with comments.
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> photos from 1999 las vegas porno convention!!! have more if these get posted....please title vegas! (if posted, please post in hidden cam or public)
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beach voyager Wow, part 1 went great! Albeit it wasn't supposed to go to redclouds. I guess it was too much for privateshots. Ready to flash a little more. SO EXCITED! Cant wait to read the comments!
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my hubby had this superb idea, and this is just the beginning, if you want to see more, give it a few days, i might have more to share !!!
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beach voyager MY beautiful gf testing the water before a bath. We hope these will qualify and make it on time before the "sexy in the tub" contest expires.
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Here are some art shots of my beautiful 50 plus year old wifey who I love dearly, as much as life itself. These shots are taken with love, using filters, lights, photoshop and a few martinis.
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Rieccomi qua! sono riuscita a trovare un paio d'ore libere da dedicare a un po' di sano divertimento. Vi piace il mio nuovo foulard? Baci baci