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I usually don't "kiss and tell" but my g/f took this photo of me. Afterward we made out in front of my hubby and then we couldn't leave him frustrated so we pleased him! Good times for all :-)
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My spouse promised me a rubdown. So I strected out on the sofa and ready. The next thing to jizz would have been the oil, but my hubby did instead. Wouldn't you like to touch some lotion on me!
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Hi, guys, please give me some credits for using a hidden camera, even if the chick is not naked. But she is gorgeous, isn't she?
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I've always thought this diminutive fairy was a 10.5 on the uber-cute meter, we dreamed to see what VoyeurWeb thinks too. She hopes everyone has nice things to say so we can do this again briefly :) :) :)
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Had a fine night out playing sundress up with my BF! Thought we would share, I would to love to hear what you think? If I get lots of good feedback Ill post alot more. I love doing dirty request's :)
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One night I was playing by the mirror just wondering what it would be like to have a twin. What do you think? http://fans.redclouds.com/oceans/ xoxo
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..Fuer alle Devotees, zeige ich nochmals einige nackte Tatsachen. Details von HINTEN und von meinen schweren Haengeeutern. Viel Spass....meine Fans....Eure Maria
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Too Bashful - Very first Time - We are french, she's 27 and doesn't believe me when I tell she's got a beautiful figure. So your comments and votes are welcome.
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These are the leftover shots from the prior series of my consolation prize. Had some nice comments about my wife's moist cootchie on the last contri so I made sure I had slew on this one.
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