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It took awhile...but after posting a few pix of her on RC...she's leisurely getting in2 it.. Here are a few pix that commenced it all.. Let us know what else you would like to see...
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I know I look sweet and harmless in this little slip, but sometimes being sweet and virginal makes me a little horny, so I did some touching.
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Here's some of my wife's pics. She was sensing a little playful that day. Please block out her face just in case. Please post these for the contest. we could truly use the money!
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here you go ladies,,, a few pics of the hubby... I think he is hot!! how about yall??? these r a few pics he sent me during the day... Tell me ladies do you want to do him??
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G'day RC Team, Unluckily I haven't got a enticing story to tell. Just a few b&w pics of a nice weekend away. Hope they are up to your standards. Greetings from Australia.
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Santa just can't get enough, the horny bastard! So Miss Brooke agreed to suck some more of jolly St. Nick's jollies. LOL Enjoy! (Santa sure did!)
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blonde pornstar beach fuck i just got a fresh digital camera and thought i would give it a attempt. i have always got good comments on how my butt looks. just wondering what you ladies out there think of it!
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Bath Time 1 - Who doesn't love a bubble bath. And with a woman who loves water and bubbles as much as mine, well, what can I say. Leave us some comments as to what you think of this series.
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Laney has an booty that drives folks wild. Jeans indeed accent the roundness of her bootie, and when you can get a peek of her knickers underneath undoubtedly an eye catcher.
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Sometimes the greatest pleasure is an unexpected Fellatio from your lady. As you can see I got mine here. Celeste certainly knows how to please me even in unexpected situations.
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Fresh Gf Since Wifey Dumped Me - Wifey dumped me after 17 years due to an illness. I got lucky and found a dame that don't mind me. So screw the wife!!
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Hey VW! I just realized the other day that it's been a while since I posted here, so I grabbed the camera and just took a few casual 'lyin on the couch' shots.