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Very first submit.19 yrs. married, mom of Two, 4ft.11", bigg booty hand-size chi chi's, a cockbox made to pleasure. after Three mths. of RC., she said why not. Raunchy comments will get more to cum!
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Raven usually wears skirts (which has it's own benefits) so when she wore these on moving day, I had to get her to pose in them!
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We pridefully introduce a few fresh pictures of my subjugated wifey. The pictures were taken a few nights ago - it was a very hot night. She loves to be tied up and she can be insatiable at times.
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it was a little bit cold, but my damsel don't want to wear undies or stockings. Please comment and tell us what you want to see. Please vote, too! Best wishes...and love
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para outro lugar .ai e entao pensei em tirar umas fotos pra mim recordam como seria eu via sedex. Favor deixe mensagem do que voces acham dessa minha ideia .
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Sent this to my hubby, while he is away for two weeks. Thought I would send it to you guys so he can see me on his dearest site.
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Here are a few pictures. i havent posted here in a while i usually post on the BB's but i dreamed to do a comtribution here again . . after all this is where my addiction started!
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Morgana in the mountains snowboarding, after skiing. because she little having a snow , we made two photos! (With the car on the street :) !! )
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Kim posing with some firearms shortly after her 40th bday. No need for nasty e-mails if guns offend you...just don't look!!
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persuaded my wifey to let me take pics of her gams. she does not agree with me about how sexy they are. so if anyone out there agrees with me please let her know.
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M* Budman Here are some pics of me for the mens section. just want to see how the ladies like it Budman on the BB Thanks for the grate sit
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courtney cox and kate moss on beachThe very first Six pictures are of a St. Louis woman who Knows how to have joy. The next three are of a dame also having joy, who then fell into the crowd. Boy, was that FUN!