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This was a joy night. This is the end result of the photo shoot that we had this night. Damn she knows how to suck a dick as you can tell by the end results. That is the part she couldn't gulp.
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When she sneaks off from her spouse we never have much time, so she is always stripped off on arrival and stays naked until she leaves. Often we don't make it as far as the bedroom....
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I proceed my walk in La Rochelle, and I take the boat for Fort Boyard Je proceed ma promenade dans la rochelle, et je prends le bateau pour fort Boyard
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Here's a quick set where my wifey put on a nice pair of chocolate-colored stockings and posed a bit more for the devotees out there. Hope you all enjoy!
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I'm a tea drinker and desired to share this time with you. People who spend time with me will tell you that I always carry tea bags around....except when I'm using the restroom. LOL
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*To Nc_lady And Her Plaything - NC_Lady determined to shoot some pics for the fave fucktoy competition but desired to add some risk to our shoot. These pictures were shot from the front porch on a engaged July 4th.
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family nudity Knows My Country Iii - hi, we are an duo form Argentine and we want to instruct our country to them. We will begin in patagonia. if you like, see more in vw. LaChe Smooches
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family nudity Have you ever been in USSR? Have you ever seen our petite apartments? have you ever been our diminutive kitchens? You think that nothing good can be found her? Well.. Look! :) More to come
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After another good dinner with Bertie....yes she cooks good as well, we had a bit of real joy. Even loading the dishwasher was arousing. What do you think? Please vote and leave comments.
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family nudityHi everyone its been a while but here some pics of my hot wifey. She is still too bashful to do a redclouds contri and needs some encouragement. Thx.
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Attempting to do more NIP pics. Shes timid as hell. So how about some good comments for more !! She loves toget a little encouragement . Thank you,enjoy!!