First Nudist Encounter using a Buddy

I never grew up thinking much of nudism, it just was not on my mind. Inside my mid 20s I discovered how much I appreciated being naked after I took showers, and also would start spending more and more time naked at home. I think I was a part time household nudist for some time, which was fantastic.

After a little while, I thought I’d like to try social nudism, but I was not certain if I had the nerve. Heck, I’d never even been nude in a locker room. Our school just had us change clothes, so down to panties was about the most exposure I ‘d with others.

After a couple of years, I finally made a decision to give it a shot. I’d chatted online with a lot of nudists and found another guy my age who lived close to me. One day I drove around to his flat (hands shaking with the first timer nerves) to meet up. Rang the doorbell, and much to my surprise he answered the front door nude and encouraged me in. While I was caught off guard (I believed we had talk somewhat in person before nudity), I still thought it was cool as well as a very good ice breaker.

So, I thought to myself “when in Rome” and within about 30 seconds of assembly, I had stripped down in his front hall! It was only like ripping off a bandaid! Of course it was a much more freeing and liberating encounter than taking off a bandaid. Much to my surprise, I wasn’t embarrassed or self-conscious to be standing there naked in front of a complete stranger. It was exhilarating.

We hung out for a couple of hours, talked about nudism, watched TV, played cards (not strip poker, of course). It was a wonderful experience and I’m happy I finally gave it a shot after all those years.

That was about 5-6 years ago and I am still participating in social nudism – whether it is at a friend’s house or at a nude beach or resort. Glad I finally gave it that first shot and never looked back!

-Bryan S
Richmond, Virginia
I knew I was a nudist

Even at a very young age, I appreciated being naked. I had two other brothers growing up so I found it challenging to have any privacy to be nude.

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My parents had over 6 acres of land and on a hot sunny day I ‘d go off by myself and strip off all my clothes and lay in sunlight.

As I got older and moved out on my own, I began to sleep nude; nothing is more relaxing than that to get a full night’s slumber. On the weekends, if I wasn’t going anyplace I ‘d be nude around the house for the whole day and do whatever.

Six years ago I eventually decided to really go to my first nude beach located at Playalinda Beach. It did not take myself very long to be naked like everyone else. For the following four years I kept going back once or even twice per year. My only sorrow is that didn’t go sooner. This past September I finally ran my first naked 5k race at cypress cove. I loved so much that I’ve signed up for two races this year.

Now, whenever I can I am always nude in my home or at a nudist resort being free of clothes and stresses; there’s nothing like it.

-John V.
Naturism Takes Flight

Occasionally, I will jokingly remark that I owe my thanks and my love for naturism to my employer. You see, I work in the airline travel business as a flight crew member. Back in the day when airlines offered onboard magazines as an amenity for flying customers, I was nonchalantly thumbing through the pages of one of the publications entitled “Outside.”

It offers its subscribers information and guidance about outside recreational sports equipment and travel. Among the pages of this particular dilemma contained a vibrant graphic ad for Lee Baxandall’s, “World Guide To Nude Beaches & Recreation”. The name of Lee Baxandall is going to be understood by any experienced naturist or nudist alike (of which I was neither at the time). Lee first took up the activity of naturism in Wisconsin as an Eagle Scout. Later, in 1980, he became the founding member of The Naturist Society. He is likewise an inductee into AANR’s Nudist Hall of Fame. But I digress. His premier guide to nudism in natural settings peaked my interest. With pen & paper, I jotted down the address of where to purchase my copy of this exhausted record of places where a person can vacation, camp, swim and socialize without wearing a single stitch of cloth. A couple of weeks ahead of my encounter with Mr. Baxandall’s guide, I had organized an approaching week of holiday alone in beautiful Maui, Hawaii. After receiving my copy in the mail, I instantly turned to the section of nudist beaches located in the Aloha State and fell upon “Little Beach”. When it was time to board my flight for Maui (this time as a regular dude and not a working crew member), I anxiously expected the instant I’d finally experience an entire week on the sand and by the ocean wearing nothing but my skin and a smile. That first anticipated ‘simple’ moment has now come and gone. And my recollection of it brings many descriptive words to thoughts: natural, liberating, freeing, exuberating, sensual yet non-sexual, energizing, rejuvenating and a lot more. And for me, the ‘so-much-more’ contains spiritual reconnection. I believe my nakedness doesn’t belong to me, but instead to Creation. NAKED is how I was ‘created’ and brought into the world. THAT, within itself, makes it spiritual in nature for me. It makes it a good thing, balanced and pure; nothing to be ashamed of nor to hide. Instead, I see my nakedness as something to embrace and to be lived. I want to allow it to breathe my existence. In my view, to deny my nakedness is to denounce my Creator’s creation. I do not want to quiet that breath. It’s a gift. I need it to boom. I want it to grow. And in so doing, I express my sincerest type of gratitude to the “Giver” of that present; oh, and gratitude to my employer for stocking that magazine on the airplane. And for granting me the coveted perk of air travel. It is the ideal means by which to discover and experience more of this lovely planet’s Au Naturel destinations. Today, I still love flying beach handjobs !

Long Time Nudist

When I was still a child I always felt good when I was bare, so I’d always make sure I had to walk to the restroom to take a bath and back to my room nude. When I turned 8 years old I started sleeping nude and would sit around or lay on my bed in my room naked all of the time, and when no one was home, I would remain nude in other portions of my house.

as soon as I turned 12 years old I had a friend and streaking was a big craze then, so we would streak every chance we got. Regrettably my family would not have consented for me to be a nudist, so I couldn’t tell them, nor be bare in front of them.

When I moved into my very own house I was bare on a regular basis. I always tried to persuade my girlfriends that they would like being a nudist but most wouldn’t attempt it, along with the ones that tried it did not like it, but I always continued being nude all the time because it’s the only method I wish to be.

Before I got married my fiancee knew I was a nudist and would continue to be a nudist after we were married, and after 25 years of marriage she understands I will stay a nudist.

She’s not a nudist. As well, my kids aren’t nudist. Lucky for me my family understands being bare is the manner I’m comfortable, and do not mind that I am always nude. I always loved being nude, and always will.

I have been a nudist for 49 years and no way I would ever alter.

Buffalo, New York
Breaking Down Barriers

On a recent trip to a Florida beach resort, while swimming in the Gulf of Mexico, the unbelievable craving to be nude in the water was too much to suppress. I found myself out beyond any other swimmers and removed my trunks. I remained there for what seemed like hours loving the feel of the water and a freedom like I have never experienced before.

I’m a 51 year old male and never would have presumed to do something similar to that in a private pool let alone the Gulf. The exhilaration I felt left an indelible impression of the freedom and awareness of one with nature that I wish to continue.

Upon returning home I promptly joined AANR and am actively seeking a local resort to visit. It’s going to be my first “official” exposure (no pun intended) to a naturist environment and I welcome any suggestions.

Thank you for opening up a new phase in my life.

Downingtown, Pennsylvania

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