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Do You Like Red? - Just some crimson underwear that I wondered if anyone liked. If you do, leave us your email address in the comments section, and we will get back with you
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Very first time received excellent comments. Thought I would display my undies and some sans. For those of you who requested a face -- You should be blessed now.
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Bday Woman This is our very first contri to Crimson Clouds. Playmate got a little jiggish and I couldn't help but get out the trusty camera. She is as good as she looks, notably for a woman in her 50's.
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She is the most beatiful women. Please leave comments, she would truly like to hear what you guys and LADIES think. No story to pics, just please love the view. You guys are fine take care.
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huge dick beach Perusing thru old slide files, found this Ektachrome experiment... Nikki just wished to get in front of the camera, and I desired to attempt out some strong side lighting and back lighting...
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Hot Night These pics were taken after a hot night on the town. She was in thebeginning stages of laser hair removal. Now, Trio months afterward she is so slick, and never shaves! What a fine invention! 
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Some miscellaneous shots of my current incarnation. My ego (along with other parts) could use a little stroking...would anyone out there consider playing with this man in his mid-fifties?
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I thought you might like to see me up close and individual. I love my own assets and I love touching myself. I spunk lightly and often. Film at 11!!!!
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Ml Both Of Them - Just havin a bit of joy in a limo and in our motel room.b/f loves taking pics of me and I love posing for him.Hope to have more soon.enjoy I know we did.
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The clocked ticked 1:00 and i locked my clothes in the box at the other end of the clearing. My clothes, my keys and my cell, i traded everything for a plain milky tee tee-shirt and a smallish chunk of chain.
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Sexy Mum In The Sun Dreaming of summertime. Sexy Mum had alot of nice comments about her dreamy milky sundress, so here are some more. She is looking forward to summer to get back in the sun.
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Just a few more of our raod excursion nips!! Tell us where we are and we will send you an invitation for one of a trips. Thanks, Samantha and 1Luckywhiteboy