I am Geoff from Australia.

I shared a bedroom with my 2 younger brothers, sleeping in the top bunk of a bunk bed. Our house was very little. I remember bathing with one of my brothers, Garry, right up to my early teens. My youngest brother, Ian, and sister Julie, who was younger still, also bathed together. At all other times, however, http://x-public.com wore clothes, though in the hot Aussie summers, it was frequently only shorts and undies. My sister always wore a shirt as well. None of my family were nudists, and my mum was from a strict Catholic background. I’ve never seen her nude.
I do remember all of us boys and dad showering nude in the dressing sheds at the shore, and how frequently there were guys sunbaking naked in the open courtyard at the center of the dressing pavillion. I didn’t believe anything was wrong with that. I recall one of my classmates (his name was Geoff also!) taking off his swimmers and skinny-dipping in a rock pool. I was not quite game enough to do that, but I did have a very strong desire to swim nude.
While I did not swim naked, I did sleep nude. I’d wear pyjamas to bed, then take them off. They constantly looked worn because I’d shove them down below the covers. I was never comfortable if I needed to sleep in pyjamas.
I didn’t understand anything about nudism, and wondered whether I was strange or something, but I began to go naked at home when everyone else was out. I nearly got caught naked by an aged man who used to see us frequently. I ‘d actually gone out the back door nude (it was early evening), and I needed to dart back inside fast, close the door, and act like no-one was home!
Another thing I did was to go to bed after than anyone else. It became my job to lock up the back door at night before going to sleep. I used this as a chance to be bare, even at the center of winter. I loved being bare under the stars! Occasionally, I’d walk or run round the block nude (I’d have been about 15-17 when I did this). It was somewhat daring, going by the houses of all of the neighbours who knew me so well, with not a stitch on! That was a real rush – someone had seen me! I’d never had the nerve (unlike other young people whose stories are on this website) to tell my parents I wanted to go bare. We camped in the grounds of the local Catholic primary school and there were a number of beaches nearby. One night, wearing just a pair of Speedo swimmers, I went out by myself to one of the seashores. I immediately took them away, and ran into the water nude. It was excellent! I decided to stay nude after completing my swim, and walked up from the shore to the nearby road. I decided to put my swimmers down in a location I’d recall, so I could chicken out. Would you consider I accidentally jogged past the Police Station in the nude? Again, a few auto drivers honked, but streakers were reasonably common then!
I first went nude in front of others of my age at a nude beach when going to University, and that was generally an extremely positive experience. It was likewise fantastic to see that there were girls who loved being bare too!

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