I was sitting out by my pool soaking up the sun.

My pool is pretty private. I was dozing off when I heard someone say good morning. I opened my eyes and outside my display enclosure was the wife of my lawn man. It was a hot sunny day. russian nudism was putting there nude and she was standing there hot and sweaty. It was to late to cover up so I just said the heck with it and invited her in to take a swim and cool off. In a flash she entered the pool area and stripped off her clothing.

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I have an outside shower. She rinsed off and then jumped into the pool. I was surprised and happy that there wasn’t going to be an issue. I offered a cold drink and we had a pleasant visit. She thanked me for letting her cool off and then got dressed and proceeded to complete her work on the lawn. It turned out that she and http://nudist-photo.com were nudist and afterwards encouraged me to join them on their boat for a bare day on the water.

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