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This is Marie, wifey of my life, mom of two marvelous childs. We love nature, and exiting experiment. It was the last warm day in France in a forest near Paris. Smooches.
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Here are some shots for NIP of Ladyhawk by the pool. She indeed loves the comments so keep them (cumming). Please don,t publish the e-mail address.
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After uploading a session for the LI theme...and disappointing so many of you...here is what you asked for. Well, bits an chunks anyway. But wonderful bits and chunks they are.
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I got a fresh crimson garment and desired to attempt it out (along with my fresh toy). I hope that you love the them as much as i did taking them. Let me know what you think of me :) Tigerlily
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Summer Time is among us. Determined to wash the car and have some joy doing it. Cool water on a hot day make for Very Erect Puffies wouldn't you say.
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