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Valentines Day. We free of the children in a city motel. The sun and the table were too good to miss. We loved it but not too sure about the office employees in the other buildings.
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A Very Hot lady I met thru myspace. I told her I dreamed a rubdown and We had a good time in the no-tell Motel. BBW/Big tit admirers will love her.
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I Was in Los Angeles for a week lengthy biz journey and got bored. It's rough taking pictures of your self. Any females/couples interested in helping next time?
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Working Angel - Angel insists on being handy and helping with construction projects. She's so good that we don't finish the project when she helps because she is so distracting.......
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No Undies - A few nice shots of some crotchless pantyhose. To all who gave the nice comments, Thanks. For the others, not worth the time.
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nudist preggo Why are we on Private Shots and not on EIP? Cuz there's a Nude on High-heeled shoes contest on Private Shots and emily is nude and on high-heeled shoes in these pics.
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Babygirl (HsBabygirl) wished to share these photos with the entire world. She loves to post on the VW, RC explicit BB but, desired to share with those whom are not RC members.
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Hi Kate - these pictures are for the real ladies out there - not the weirdos! I have absolutely no homosexual desires, so no need to waste your time if you don't like women....
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naturist preggoThis is wifey on vaction after having having a baby 7 months before. This is my fisrt time posting and she has no idea. I hope to get more if wished
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I was asked to showcase pics of my wife's booty. She is a little overweight, but attempting. Hopefully you will all get to witness the weight coming off via future contris.
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naturist preggoWhen does fantasy become reality? Now. During fucky-fucky, my beau always talks about me exposing myself, letting him take pictures and putting them online. In the warmth of passion....
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Hi, The night was very cold, i had to use the fire to keep warm... Please help me get warmer with your comments and votes. Smooches Sofia P.S.: These a just a subset of the pics sent to RC...