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Upon shoping for some big fluffy pillows we come across this simmering see-through cape for halloween. Took adorable to tricker-treat in, so we took pictures insted. K
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Rien d'extraordinaire, mais c'est toujours tres excitant pour moi d'envoyer des photos de ma femme et de lire vos commentaires... Lachez-vous j'aime que l'on mate ma VRAI blonde.
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These pics were taken in Shreveport,LA in a Hobby shop.. Hope you all love. She did these for the hobby builders out there and would love to see such a beautiful hobbist shopping for some fresh kits..
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She get's so horny when other women or fellows are watching her. She loves to be seen and I love that other people are watching my wifey naked. I will attempt to persuade her to give you more pictures of her.
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Went for a motorcycle rail and determined to stop by the park to shoot some pics while a few guys were looking on and luving every minute
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Bang-out and beer... what a beautiful combination. Please forgive the marks on my skin, the night before we had been playing pretty rough. I want nasty comments please. Thanks
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nudist public masturbation I had the good fortune of meeting J and her spouse last year. When we met again this year I brought J some introduces. You get to see what happened then
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Mountain Mummy, I'M Preggo Again! - We thought we'd share some of our latest pictures! As you can see, I'm preggo again :-) Enjoy!
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Just a few pics of me getting some sun. Got a fresh camera so I thought I'd attempt to send in a contri for the ladies of Redclouds. I hope they like them, there are more explicit ones to go after.
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naturist public masturbationThis was a day I was taking some photos to a friend in my building, my bf was there with me. After some drinks, we began playing and our friend became the photographer, and we became his models!
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naturist public masturbationVarious poses indoors ! Since the last contribution you will notice the hairy beaver, and she loves to demonstrate it, along with her nice tits.
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Just desired to send in a few of my photos and see what responses I get. Will send in more if you are all good to me... Thanks.. And please don't post email.. Thanks