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Recently, we had the scarf transferred over to us, so we took it to the sand for the sunrise of a beautiful day ... which also just happened to be our anniversary.
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We were so pleased with the response from "Sage at the window" we had to give it another shot. This is kind of addicting isn't it!. Thanks for all of the positive feed back.
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They had no idea what was going on. This play fucktoy is a lifesaver, and he was briefly in our room eating me out and exploring my assets.
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Hi, this is my very first contribution. Just a few self-taken pics. I have fairly a few self-taken pics and I might post more depending on the reaction to these.
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So I get this t-shirt for $5 at a local thrift store and take it home. Then have three visitors attempt it on. The very first one kind of spread it out...
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Here are some pictures of my wifey, she's 36 and thinks she's not good enough (maybe she's wright). If the comments are good I will post more. As always PDPMEMA and blur face if I left behind it.
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nudists nude shaven Very first Time on Web If my wifey takes a bathroom, I am every time getting nervous! We are like to have some contact to couples to sharing Photos or meet on WEB. If you like my wifey contact us regard
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Hope you love the pics ... she is getting braver and bolder with each passing day, looking forward to posting more shortly .... Jester.
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Pants around the ankles, massaging it dry and spunking hard for my gf. She likes it when I share these flicks, I hope you like it too.
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Here i am again, with hot pics of my promiscuous wifey Sabrina, we are from Belgium. Please send comment by the pics. We do what we can to send more pics.
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Just some scanned shots of my wifey in her PVC gear and some took with the fresh camera. Nice comments only, and if you can not say anything nice please do not say anything at all.
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These were taken at my friend's room. As my friend observed me de-robe, my paramour took the photos. They both liked the sexy cut-offs I wore. Hope everyone has a good weekend! Love,