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I have considered posting for some time but have held back. There are not many single masculine contri's here but I figured I would run with it.
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It took awhile, but I coaxed my wifey to submit a few photos for the very first time.We are looking forward to your comments. If the comments arefavorable more photos will ensue.
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These are go after up requests for thoses who wished to see my wifey bald completely...I know it's been awhile - Love. Please no loser comments.
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What a night, these two bartenders were working for tits.. or tips. From the pool table to behind the bar it was a night for joy
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I'm 30 living in northern california and love to be observed by the ladies. I like to slow fuck.....love to get ladies comments & trade pics.
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When I witnessed you had a contest for g-strings sticking out I had to send in some of my nymph. This is the only way that she wears them. I hope you love.
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I can fit in my dearest jeans just 11 wks after having my bby, still working on my tummy tho lol. Thank you to all that comment and send emails.
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Willow'S Autumn Walk Two - We took one last hike in the foothills while it was still warm-warm enough, for Willow to get naked, that is.
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This is our very first contribution. She is a dirty chick in couch, but you would never know it from meeting her. Tell us what you think of her.
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Last Sunday, after a duo of drinks at our local, Bertie determined to attempt on a fresh little attire. Well, it was too much of a temptation not to take a few photos, and then............
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hi spouse thinks my rear is nice, what do you think....?? good comments should get you more in the future .. Thanks for posting them please do not post my e-mail address..
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Pakistani Duo In Uae - Howdy all VW paramours, we r paki from UAE and looking for other DEsi couples from Pak and other desi countries for joy and pics sharing waiitng for replies for all couples