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Hi Everyone, This is a building that i'm housesitting for my chief. Thought we'd get some shots taken there. Hope ya like them, many more to jizz. Smooches, EryKa
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Wifey Has Day Time Visiter From R.C. - wifey has a day time visiter that we met on crimson clouds. of coarse we had to take pics to share with you. thanx for the visit j
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Here are some very first time shots of myself....not sure how they look. What do you all think? Sorry about the skimpy quality of the shots but it's my very first time.
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Once we went to the see shore right about 50 Meter beside a well frequented road in Portugal. It was titillating because several cars stopped to witness our foto shooting.
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I was invited to a formal summer garden soiree. It was so hot that day I determined to wear, and not wear, something a little special.
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She was going thru her closet and throwing out some of her clothes to make room for the fresh and found this little sundress. Unnecessary to say it's still in the closet and not in the garbage.
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Just putting on a panty flash for those who have asked for more! I hope you like ;) I can't wait to read your comments! XOXO Natasha
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russian nudist pics Most of you thought my other post was not hard enough for redcloud so her you go. Please leave comments peculiarly couples on the east coast. I also love to exchange pics with other dark skinned ladies
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Fine site !!!!!! Very first pics of my wifey roberta, very bashful, it's 33 and i love her too much. Please, don' t flash my e-mail Thanks
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russian naturist picsKate here are some more. I know you don't like milky cottons so hereare some crimson ones. Still working on the nudes!!! The wifey is tuff.
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Sexy Eropa In Fuerte - Hallo everybody, here are some sexy pics from Mrs. Eropa in Fuerteventura. Hope you love them. Thanks vor voting! Many greetings Eropa
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russian naturist picsShe bought this at a little urging from yours truly...and has hence determined that she definitley needs more!! Even the lady at the boutique said it made her want to embark wearing them lol.