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Here are some more of our joy in the park. I couldn't believe my eyes when she stripped down to nothing! We had a lot of joy and plan to do this again sometime.
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Hey Kate & Squad, Shot down to Fantasy Festival in Key West this weekend to check out the costumes, but my perverted camera got side tracked. Hate it when that happens. ; - )
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She's a little bashful, which took a bit of coaxing to get these posted...Maybe a few comments will persuade her to post the rest!
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no story, just a few shots for the wonderful women who share their glories. kind responses from WOMEN ONLY, please. thank you
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Thanks for your nice comments to my publication in September. Some of them were remarkably pleasant, tho' vulgar :) Post in comments what you would like to see from me next time!
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sex nudism I'm already thinking about what to put together for this year. Of course, I would choose to wear nothing at all. Maybe this "outfit" would work.
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There is nothing sexier than a Corset! Let me know what you think! Thanks for all the fine comments on prior sets I've sent in. Keep them coming!
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Erica loves to play, and one of her faves is to put on her peruke and be a wild woman. Do you have any idea how much joy this can be?
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hook-up nudismPics of my gf, can you imagine she has had a kid. Interested in a threesome with a chick or duo interchange. Leave us a message.
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I knew this nymph in Brazil during my stay over there. She was so hot and sexy and wished have hook-up everytime, everywhere. I think brazilian dame are the best of the world.
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Wifey is very glad with posted messages in last contri. She determined to send more pics. Thanks...but if you?re not like mature pics, please don?t post your comments here, please.
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Some Black & Milky photos of a beautiful gal..Any women in the Northeast Ohio area looking to have tasteful, classy, nude photos taken- sense free to leave me your contact info in the "comments" section.