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Getting somehwere now..it's been very raunchy posting..had to find an old link and go thru the old site...very frustrating..please love :)
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Hi all Thanks for all our postings,very encouraging for a lady of 54,last pics were taken in April and it was cold,hope you like these,I will post some in RC briefly
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This year I was a tart little demon. As you see I can't use this costume any more because he tore it apart. ;-( I'm glad anyway
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Zur Erinnerung an diesen Sommer zeigen wir einmal ein paar Outdoor Bilder, die ca. 1 1/2 Monate nach Marie?s Schwangerschaft entstanden. Wir hoffen sie gefallen Euch. Gruss Marie & Hans
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I am Man U's fattest devotee here in Hounslow !! Would any of you like to accompany me to a match.........then afterwards, with my hubby's permission...........
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I am attempting so hard to get my pics of a good quality for the site....hopefully you will like them out there and vote for me. There will be lots more to com !!
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You've heard of Crimson Sonya, well here is Crimson Tonya. This lady is 47 yrs old, and is our 1st conformity. If the comments are good there will be more. Hope you love.
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Fuerteventura Here you have some pictures of our last vacations in Fuerteventura...we had a supreme time...great island and good nude beaches!!!
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Determined to attempt some public shots. Toyed all weekend all over town. Hope this is a good very first try! Smooches to all the aficionados for all the nice compliments.
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On a hot summer day I stripped of my cloth and did a bike rail near Starnberg. So the wind cooled my figure sleek. Plan fo rnext bike tour?
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We have been traveling around the Caribbean and just loving the beaches. Cynthia dosen't truly like to wear a swimsuit anymore as you can tell.
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Just Some Joy Pic'S. - These are just a few shots taken of my wifey recently. We'd like to know what type of responses they will generate.