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Thanks for all of the comments... Everyone should plan on going next year for sure! It was the BEST time we have ever had!!!! See ya.. Just a duo more!!! Brian
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It was cold outside so we determined to warmth things up on the inwards. Out cums the camera...on goes the heels....stiff came the dick!...Had a blast before, during and damn sure after this photoshoot...
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The rest of my picture session from Christmas night. After I got out my faux-cocks, I put on a display for my hubby. I hope you enjoy!
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Some more as promised. his is all from this series, but dont wory my boyfreind allready shooting some fresh and hotest for the next time. Kissis
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This is my twat. I've been told it tastes sweet. Wait a minute, let me taste it myself...sticking a finger in...O! It's so wet...yup! Sure tastes sweet!
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videos of nudists enjoying intercourse was impressively cold out. but dawson was a sweety and stuck it out . hope you like series 1 of our shoot in the mountains . will be posting series Two briefly .
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videos of nudists enjoying intercourse Thank you for your last comments. It made me "dig deep" for my 3rd contri. A gal could make this a habit. Stay tuned for the 2nd set of this series. Titled "My man has big HANDS".... love. Daisy.
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Well we were taking pictures once again and for the 2nd time found ourselves wanting to submit pics. So love and if you like more will sure to go after. Thanks hubby and wife!
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Hi everyone,I know it has been a while,Ok a few years so i thought this would be a good time to get back into the Sway of things....... Thanks for looking ChooChoo
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This is my gf. She is 25 years old. She don't know it. Don't display face and e-mail I have more!!! from southern germany i hope it works now!!!!!
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Hi, it's Ellen again. Thank you all for your warm comments. I will attempt to honour a few of your requests for more explicate photo's. I love a little bootie play, so let's commence with these ones.
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flicks of naturists lovin’ intercourseThese are a few we took in Morocco when on vacation. The road behind me looks further away than it actually is but we liked taking these pics and thought we share them with you.