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Ok, Everyone kept asking for this.. Well not everyone, but several. I don't do this often, but when I do it truly gives me a big "O".
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It was the wife's turn to use the camera on me. These are the pics she selected to send into redclouds and she/I would love to hear what the ladies think of this contri??
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Mr CB is going to be so excited to see that I have uploaded these pictures sans him knowing, and I hope that you love them too! Looking forward to all of your comments.
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This is my very first time to post as I have never been certain of my assets. However, I love looking at others and figured I would at least give it a attempt. So here goes.....
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I love my 75 year old wife's tits. I have had these for 50 yrs and still love them. To those negative guys. I know what I have. Fuzzy
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TRISH THE DISH loves running around naked outside whenever she can particularly on Vacation!! Love and don't leave behind to vote for Trish!!!
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Hi Guys, This is Part Three of my Kinky Kimono Set. Part 1 can be found at
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This is for my lovey! He has had a lengthy day and i dreamed to give him a lil something to smile about. And whoever else wants to look!
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We were in Vegas for a car display and they had the reception in the casino with frosted glass waterfalls and i determined to have a little joy with my spouse and his car pals
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Thanks for all the comments on last cotribution, keep them jizzing. The more votes i get the more you will see. Let me know what else you want to see. Hope you love .....Thanks Hatty
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Sorry I have not sent in anything for a while, I have been truly active. Here are a few pics that might keep you engaged as well. Let me know what you think and if you have missed my contris. Thanks,
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As you can see I am nude very close to the see where boats are passing by. I just want the people in the boats to see my nude bod.