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Natasha - Very first Attempt This place was so nice that we determined to make some outside pics and for the very first time, Natasha has accepted to publish them. Help me to persuade her she has to post more !
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we went to tc's lounge and I bought her that gstring. she switched in the bar and I took this pic in the car in the parking lot afterwards...along with some more. love
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...a few times a month my wifey Julie and I have some evening joy the results of which are here for the world to see....P.S. in case I have not mentioned this before she has just had her 53 birthday!
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Ein verlassener Gutshof im Wald. Na da hatten wir eine Idee. Die Ergebnisse konnt ihr hier sehen. Bei vielen netten Kommentaren und mails,........., naja wir haben noch mehr Fotos ;-)).
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Love all the sites! Wished to contribute one time! Let me know what you all think. She likes hearing from guys, of course, and woman.
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These are pictures of my wifey in Paris on our honeymoon. We just hadour very first anniversary and she let me take more explicit pictures that Iwill send in shortly.
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Ski Vergnuegen Ski Pleasure Skihase fuer den Ski – Verfuehrer Ski Bunny for a Ski – Guide freuen uns auf eure Kommentare make glad us on your comments sorry my english
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Giulia Is Indeed Hot - She is my girlfriend:) do you like her CIAO VI PRESENTO LA MIA DOLCE RAGAZZA SE FATE I BRAVI VE NE MANDO ALTRE.....
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Yesterday Tina was sitting in the tabouret, broad open window and the crimson sun shining on her delicious figure. Took my webcam instantly - see and love the results.
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Questa la sorpresa che mi ha fatto ieri mia moglie. E sempre lei mi ha chiesto di pubblicarle. Godetevele e non dimenticate di votare
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Thank you to so many who left titillating commentson my last contri, and yes I did go out in that sundress and it was............well maybe we'll post those pics too.
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Myself and friends were accompanied by three Nineteen year old Canadian sweeties on a vacation in the Dominican Republic. Unnecessary to say it was an amazing time, more pics to come!

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