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Family nudism - need advice

Written on March 23, 2008 – 10:16 pm | by admin

Here goes.
In my family we are not true nudists, I guess. We started doing as much as we do, when my wife and I noticed my daughter, 9, was extremely insecure about her body. I got deployed during which we worked out a solution. My wife started being 'free' around the kids, I have a 6 yr old son by the way. Suntanning on the porch, hanging around the house on weekends in next to nothing, advertising that she sleeps in the nude to the kids. Took showers with them, let them sleep with her, nude. It worked within no time my son, completely got comfortable and has no nudity issues. My daughter also took to it, although still shy, she no longer seems insecure and is very comfortable around her mom and brother, nude or otherwise. So mission successful, everyones happy and healthy.

BUT here's the problem I am do home, after beeing gone for a whole year, in 3 weeks. Where do I fit in. My family is comfortable with themselves.
What do I do. To add insult to injury even though I may be 30 I still react everytime the wind blows, any contact sexual or otherwise provokes a response, my son is the same, but he's six. Its just genetics its not a matter of getting desensitized, trust me. I handled this around the house before by always stayed covered ie pants, I am rather large so hiding, behind boxers, shorts, and robes never worked. I am used to that. So how do I fit in with my clothing optional and happy family without causing problems. Please help!!!

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Written on March 23, 2008 – 10:14 pm | by admin

Be Reaction

  1. I would think that you will relax quickly and not find the urge to get stimulated. If you don't already sleep nude, then you should start. Then just get up in the morning and not get dressed or just throw a T-shirt on. Everyone will be comfortable in no time. Have fun with your family after being away for a year. Paul
  2. First off I congradulate you on what sounds to me to a wonderful family and thank you for serving freedom. To help them adjust to having dad home and nude might be to try to look as much like they do as possible. It sounds like you don't have any kids in puberty yet, so maybe you shaving your body hair completely off might be less of a visual shock. I'm guessing mom might already be at least trimmed? Also mom could take an active part in prepairing them that dad will be home soon and this is how things will be. I'm just thinking that your "SIZE" might not be the first thing they notice, but all that hair may throw them a little. As for erections, I would advise you to just ignore them completely. If it's no big deal to mom and dad then the kids will see that it is no big deal to them. Let's face it, you could try to protect them from seeing you erect, but there will be times when you can't avoid being seen like going to the bathroom in the middle of the night when you think the kids are asleep. Well kids go to the bathroom too. They also have a tendancy of walking in on mom and dad in the middle of the night after a nightmare, only to walk in on another. Chances are they are going to see you erect at some point. Make nothing of it. However I would explain as best as you can just what an erection is... TO YOU and your wife. You are the parents here, not any of us. It's up you and your wife to set your own family morals.
  3. MOnkeydo- go home, enjoy being with your family and join in like nothing is different. If you make an issue of it then the kids may think it is an issue, if they have questions they will bring it up. Then just be honest about what they ask. Thanks from me and my family for what you have done over there. Dan
  4. First of all welcome home (soon), and thank you for your service. Your post brought to mind a conversation I had with my father in law the first week-end I spent "clothing optional". "What do you do if an uninvited erection makes you stand out in the crowd?" I asked. "You don't" was his answer. We both laughed. He was right though, it has never been a problem for me - and It was certainly one of my concerns before hand. My advise is to relax and take it as it comes. Enjoy. And keep your customary towel with you... =)
  5. I would not worry about it by thinking about it constantly. You might just see how things are when you get home. If mom and the kids are already running about nude then just plant yourself in a chair or at the table nude reading a book or the paper. If there is a bit of hesitancy and then are not nude right off, then maybe wait a coupld of days to get refamiliar with them. Then just be on the couch or in a chair watching the tube or reading before they get up. And even if you start to get an erection, just don't make a bid deal out of it. If they are curious then just explain to them it is something that happens with guys every now and then. Both of my daughters took notice many years ago when they were young. But I just passed it off as something non-chalant and they ignored it. For the most part.
  6. You and your family each seem to have a good head on your respective shoulders. And thank you for serving your country. I'd like to suggest that you all take trips to various family~oriented naturist camps. Ask each family member what they liked and did not like about the particular camp to help involve them in the naturist life. Perhaps friendship can be formed an you can visit each other at non~camp places. Also, seeing other men with different size male genitalia, with and without pubic hair, may help you and them feel comfortable with male genitalia; that you are a male and have male genitalia and men have different type and size penises.
  7. Monkydo: I too would add my thanks for your service to our country! This is not an easy time to be in the military. On the topic that you raised, I should think that an early question would be meeting the family for the first time. If I had been away from my wife for a year and then came home to find her and the children enjoying the freedom of nudity within the family, I know I would have a pressing problem. My suggestion is that you and your wife need to find some quiet hours together without the children at the earliest opportunity. After that, there will be time to talk about and become comfortable with enjoying your freedom as a whole family. I wish you well as you come back to them. "Re-entry" into a family after such a long time away can be rocky at first. I hope that the way smooths out very soon! Bareboomer
  8. congratulations and thank you: monkeydo


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