I was on a bare sailing cruise in the British Virgin Islands 6-7 years

ago and we were anchored in White Bay. It was after dinner, we had had a bottle of wine or four, and determined we needed to visit the bar ashore for a drink – but of course we didn’t desire to get dressed. Somehow we didn’t find this as a problem. Into the dighy we climbed, motored off to the bar ( http://nudiststube.com , the other one) and in we walked. There were only half a dozen people there, but not surprisingly our entry was noticed.

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One young man let out a whoop when we walked in, and he quickly got naked (though his girlfriend made him get dressed again – I’ve frequently thought that I hoped he dropped her). We sat down as generally as possible at one of the tables, continuing our conversation, and in a moment the server came along. She was quite flustered, garbled a few incoherent monosylables, and then left, having forgotten to take our drink orders.

We spent nearly two hours in the pub and had a grand time. Eventually the majority of the other patrons left, the bartender got naked, and even the waiter took off her top. She and our hostess then compared breast occupations and found they had had the same plastic surgeon in Atlanta. It was definitely beach porn !

However, the part I really have yet to figure out is how – or whether – we paid for our drinks. We went without garments, so without pockets, consequently without wallets, so without cash. So I guess the best element of the evening was that it was not only clothes-free, it was also drinks-for-free.

My first nude encounter was when I was younger and very much by accident. I went to a beach with a very long coastline on the more apart end.

I did not see anyone around and I understood that nudism was born so I fully disrobed and set completely exposed in the sun. I saw a topless girl approaching and immediately covered up – being nude exterior was totally natural, being naked in front of others wasn’t. She smiled as she walked by and I simply blushed – I was so prudish about public nudity that even seeing others in a state of undress made me uncomfortable. When she was out of site, I once again uncovered and decided I wanted to go for a swim. I have been an enthusiastic swimmer, a life gaurd in fact, so I decided to swim further down the shore and come back. Swimming nude was quite liberating! I did that and went past most of the crowded parts of the shore. After a little while the current was too powerful to turn back and I realized I ‘d just one choice, to walk back on the seashore.
I have to say that was one of the most uncomfortable moments of my life. I walked out of the water, covering my genitals with my hands. As I came to shore, I found that everyone was naked and looked so natural. I still covered up, but was getting a little more comfortable with myself. Although I was very athletic and fit, I had always been sensitive regarding the size of my penis and all my pubic hair but when I saw folks of all shapes, sizes and ages I understood that I was fine however I was. I let go, literally, and was free. It was quite a walk back. Being nude where http://nudistwmv.com was nude was natural but I soon I had a new challenge. Although nudity was taken everyone on the beach, the most famous section was where nearly everyone wore bathing suits- toplessness was common but I saw just one entirely nude person.
Apart from this, it was very crowded. I really had no choice except to keep on going and I continued walking naked.

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Folks looked at me – I was likely the only nude person they’d seen for a while – but I kept on going. It is ackward being nude in front of others when they’re not but I learned to cope with it. When I finally reached my clothing, I was a nudist for life.
When I went back to my flat with my friends, male and female, http://xotad.com told them about my experience. I told them overly how good it felt and asked if they minded if I went naked in our flat, they didn’t. Since then I spend as much of my time naked as possible and do not care whose looking.

Since my early teens, I’ve always adored the feeling of swimming and sunning nude.

Our family had a pool in our backyard deep in the heart of suburbia, and I remember wondering whether I ‘d safely positioned the chaise couch out of the perspective of any easily offended (or readily titillated) neighbors’ eyes as I stole a couple of minutes whenever I really could get the chance to experience precisely what the summer sun felt like on my nude body
And lots of late nights, after the rest of the family had gone to bed, I’d gently slip ito the pool for a skinny dip. It was a wonderful natural high.
Interestingly enough, I decided to attend faculty at UC San Diego.

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During the orientation tour of the campus, the counselor told us incoming freshmen about nearby Black’s Beach — and expressed some surprise when many of us did not know about its staus as one of the best known nude beaches in the country.
So, I understood right then and there where I would be taking most of my study breaks.
I must say, though, that http://videonudism.com/exhbitioniss/nudist-ass.php experienced what I would expect is a normal degree of trepidation when confronted with a first-time nude beach encounter. I remember going to the beach a few times, and staying clothed, attempting to decide whether I was “safe”. I saw that the beach was huge and spread out such that one could very much keep a sense of having “personal space”, at what felt like a comfortable distance from other beachgoers whose motivations for being there might be considerably less than innocent. Eventually, the lure of what I had in the back of my head always desired to experience won out, and one day I took my new boogie-board down to shore, and without reluctance lost my swimsuit.
I ran down to the water, still a little nervous, trying not to make eye contact with the few folks that were nearby. I plunged into the waves, and quickly realized I was having the time of my life. I drove the waves for some time, loving the sensation, feeling like my body was made for this.
I worn out after a little while, and decided to head back up to the shore. Feeling more relaxed and assured now, I looked around at some of the others present. I should probably mention here that I’ve been blessed with some pretty good genes, and I should probably also mention that it was impossible not to see the — well, stares — of many of the gay men present.
After a minute or two of nervousness, I instantly determined that this was basically a public place, and going nude was my choice, and that I could not actually stop anyone who needed to look at me from looking. And that as long as they kept a considerable distance and refrained from outwardly lewd behaviour or unwanted advances or harassment, I’d merely accept the “eye contact” as a compliment, and think no more of it and love myself.
I was pleased when it turned out that my fellow nude people behaved just as I ‘d figured they would. And my approach toward the nude experience is pretty much the same today — taking off my clothing is a choice I make, but I can’t control what you do. In case you wish to look, go right ahead and look, but I trust that you simply won’t harass or otherwise act distastefully.
To this day, my recollections of my many, many naked trips to that beach are http://x-nudism.com/demo1.php of my finest memories. Lately, I’ve been land-locked, so to speak, near Sacramento, but it is consistently been in the rear of my head to return to Black’s. I’d also like to look at San Onofre.

First Nudist Encounter using a Buddy

I never grew up thinking much of nudism, it just was not on my mind. Inside my mid 20s I discovered how much I appreciated being naked after I took showers, and also would start spending more and more time naked at home. I think I was a part time household nudist for some time, which was fantastic.

After a little while, I thought I’d like to try social nudism, but I was not certain if I had the nerve. Heck, I’d never even been nude in a locker room. Our school just had us change clothes, so down to panties was about the most exposure I ‘d with others.

After a couple of years, I finally made a decision to give it a shot. I’d chatted online with a lot of nudists and found another guy my age who lived close to me. One day I drove around to his flat (hands shaking with the first timer nerves) to meet up. Rang the doorbell, and much to my surprise he answered the front door nude and encouraged me in. While I was caught off guard (I believed we had talk somewhat in person before nudity), I still thought it was cool as well as a very good ice breaker.

So, I thought to myself “when in Rome” and within about 30 seconds of assembly, I had stripped down in his front hall! It was only like ripping off a bandaid! Of course it was a much more freeing and liberating encounter than taking off a bandaid. Much to my surprise, I wasn’t embarrassed or self-conscious to be standing there naked in front of a complete stranger. It was exhilarating.

We hung out for a couple of hours, talked about nudism, watched TV, played cards (not strip poker, of course). It was a wonderful experience and I’m happy I finally gave it a shot after all those years.

That was about 5-6 years ago and I am still participating in social nudism – whether it is at a friend’s house or at a nude beach or resort. Glad I finally gave it that first shot and never looked back!

-Bryan S
Richmond, Virginia
I knew I was a nudist

Even at a very young age, I appreciated being naked. I had two other brothers growing up so I found it challenging to have any privacy to be nude.

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My parents had over 6 acres of land and on a hot sunny day I ‘d go off by myself and strip off all my clothes and lay in sunlight.

As I got older and moved out on my own, I began to sleep nude; nothing is more relaxing than that to get a full night’s slumber. On the weekends, if I wasn’t going anyplace I ‘d be nude around the house for the whole day and do whatever.

Six years ago I eventually decided to really go to my first nude beach located at Playalinda Beach. It did not take myself very long to be naked like everyone else. For the following four years I kept going back once or even twice per year. My only sorrow is that http://nudistsnude.com didn’t go sooner. This past September I finally ran my first naked 5k race at cypress cove. I loved so much that I’ve signed up for two races this year.

Now, whenever I can I am always nude in my home or at a nudist resort being free of clothes and stresses; there’s nothing like it.

-John V.
Naturism Takes Flight

Occasionally, I will jokingly remark that I owe my thanks and my love for naturism to my employer. You see, I work in the airline travel business as a flight crew member. Back in the day when airlines offered onboard magazines as an amenity for flying customers, I was nonchalantly thumbing through the pages of one of the publications entitled “Outside.”

It offers its subscribers information and guidance about outside recreational sports equipment and travel. Among the pages of this particular dilemma contained a vibrant graphic ad for Lee Baxandall’s, “World Guide To Nude Beaches & Recreation”. The name of Lee Baxandall is going to be understood by any experienced naturist or nudist alike (of which I was neither at the time). Lee first took up the activity of naturism in Wisconsin as an Eagle Scout. Later, in 1980, he became the founding member of The Naturist Society. He is likewise an inductee into AANR’s Nudist Hall of Fame. But I digress. His premier guide to nudism in natural settings peaked my interest. With pen & paper, I jotted down the address of where to purchase my copy of this exhausted record of places where a person can vacation, camp, swim and socialize without wearing a single stitch of cloth. A couple of weeks ahead of my encounter with Mr. Baxandall’s guide, I had organized an approaching week of holiday alone in beautiful Maui, Hawaii. After receiving my copy in the mail, I instantly turned to the section of nudist beaches located in the Aloha State and fell upon “Little Beach”. When it was time to board my flight for Maui (this time as a regular dude and not a working crew member), I anxiously expected the instant I’d finally experience an entire week on the sand and by the ocean wearing nothing but my skin and a smile. That first anticipated ‘simple’ moment has now come and gone. And my recollection of it brings many descriptive words to thoughts: natural, liberating, freeing, exuberating, sensual yet non-sexual, energizing, rejuvenating and a lot more. And for me, the ‘so-much-more’ contains spiritual reconnection. I believe my nakedness doesn’t belong to me, but instead to Creation. NAKED is how I was ‘created’ and brought into the world. THAT, within itself, makes it spiritual in nature for me. It makes it a good thing, balanced and pure; nothing to be ashamed of nor to hide. Instead, I see my nakedness as something to embrace and to be lived. I want to allow it to breathe my existence. In my view, to deny my nakedness is to denounce my Creator’s creation. I do not want to quiet that breath. It’s a gift. I need it to boom. I want it to grow. And in so doing, I express my sincerest type of gratitude to the “Giver” of that present; oh, and gratitude to my employer for stocking that magazine on the airplane. And for granting me the coveted perk of air travel. It is the ideal means by which to discover and experience more of this lovely planet’s Au Naturel destinations. Today, I still love flying beach handjobs !

Long Time Nudist

When I was still a child I always felt good when I was bare, so I’d always make sure I had to walk to the restroom to take a bath and back to my room nude. When I turned 8 years old I started sleeping nude and would sit around or lay on my bed in my room naked all of the time, and when no one was home, I would remain nude in other portions of my house.

as soon as I turned 12 years old I had a friend and streaking was a big craze then, so we would streak every chance we got. Regrettably my family would not have consented for me to be a nudist, so I couldn’t tell them, nor be bare in front of them.

When I moved into my very own house I was bare on a regular basis. I always tried to persuade my girlfriends that they would like being a nudist but most wouldn’t attempt it, along with the ones that tried it did not like it, but I always continued being nude all the time because it’s the only method I wish to be.

Before I got married my fiancee knew I was a nudist and would continue to be a nudist after we were married, and after 25 years of marriage she understands I will stay a nudist.

She’s not a nudist. As well, my kids aren’t nudist. Lucky for me my family understands being bare is the manner I’m comfortable, and do not mind that I am always nude. I always loved being nude, and always will.

I have been a nudist for 49 years and no way I would ever alter.

Buffalo, New York
Breaking Down Barriers

On a recent trip to a Florida beach resort, while swimming in the Gulf of Mexico, the unbelievable craving to be nude in the water was too much to suppress. I found myself out beyond any other swimmers and removed my trunks. I remained there for what seemed like hours loving the feel of the water and a freedom like I have never experienced before.

I’m a 51 year old male and never would have presumed to do something similar to that in a private pool let alone the Gulf. The exhilaration I felt left an indelible impression of the freedom and awareness of one with nature that I wish to continue.

Upon returning home I promptly joined AANR and am actively seeking a local resort to visit. It’s going to be my first “official” exposure (no pun intended) to a naturist environment and I welcome any suggestions.

Thank you for opening up a new phase in my life.

Downingtown, Pennsylvania

On my 4th day at Wreck beach, arriving there at 10AM,I found a good area to lay out my towel and soak up some rays, bare of course.

A couple of hours after I could hear some female conversation near me, so I sat up and grabbed a bottle of water to drink. I said; hello. One of them asked me how often I go to Bust Up. I responded that I was from Edmonton and that this was my 4th day here. They were locals from Vancouver and this was their very first time at wreck beach. At this point, they had gotten around to removing their tops.

Subsequently, another one asks me ‘How come http://nudizmtube.com of the guys get Boners?’ To which I replied ‘That hardly ever happens on a nude beach,believe it or not’.

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I then questioned http://nudenudist.com ‘How do you like this spot, so far? The consensus was ‘ We do not have loud mouth jerks hitting us up every 5 minutes like at the other beaches!’ At this stage, all 3 removed their undersides. I said ‘Welcome to the Club’.

At this point, I told them that I’m going for a dip in the ocean to cool off. When I got back to my towel, one of them noted the water must be cold! I’m one who is fairly large in the flaccid state, but the cold shrivels it up!

We chatted for a while more, then we went our different ways due to some younger guys that looked to be crowding the area that were clothed in board shorts and T Shirts.(stupid).

I think the 3 Young Ladies are SOLICITED on the Nudist Lifestyle.

Gunnison Beach – 6 A.M.I grew up in a home where nudity was no huge deal.

We sometimes would swim nude in our fairly private backyard, and nudity in the house was, although not supported, certainly not frowned on either.

As an adult there was never much chance to revisit those carefree moments of youth. I traveled a good bit with my work and learned of the approved nude beach at Sandy Hook, NJ.

Eventually I was in that place overnight and took the chance to visit the beach before beginning my work day. I got to family nudist photos around 6 a.m. and the shore was abandoned and cold. I sat in my clothes on the sand and watched the sun come up. About 7:30 it got warm enough to take my clothes off and enjoy the sun, the sound of the surf and the breeze. By then several early risers had come to the shore, but it was still largely deserted. I just had an hour or so on the seashore before I needed to begin my day.

I appreciated the sensation of being naked in nature so much that I went back to the beach after my appointments were completed and loved the remaining part of the day on the a lot more crowded beach, watching the sun go down before I left. At no time did I feel uncomfortable being nude in the organization of other naked people. Maybe getting a bit used to it in the morning before the crowds came helped a bit, but I consider that should you approach nudism from the proper standpoint it isn’t a sexually charged experience and so there is really nothing to be uncomfortable about. For those who haven’t attempted it yet, I’d encourage you to give it a try. Its certainly amazing.

I’ve since been back to the shore many times and joined a nonlanded club where we have been able to enjoy day trips to landed clubs in the area. It is all amazing but my favorite place is still the seashore with its surf and sand!

-Ryan N.
Baltimore, Maryland
Waited Too Long

My whole adult life thus far has been subjected to rules designed to prevent embarrassment to the “company.” I have needed to play by everyone else’s rules. Well for the very first time I made the decision to take my first step of “liberty” and took a trip to Haulover Beach. WOW! What a awareness alleviation! To be there, with all those amazing people who had no care what others thought of them…and there I was with them. How amazing it was to feel the sun on my whole body. Swimming in the ocean with no confinement of a swimsuit. So gratifying. I can not wait for my next visit. Unfortunately, here in Miami there are not any clothes optional communities, so I’m planning a vacation to one in Central Florida. I can’t wait. I’m so thrilled with my new found life.

Miami, Florida
First time at nudist camp!

I was told about nude camp.

We continue releasing stories shared by our female subscribers – young fkk girls who make it to the nude beach for the first time

Was interested! Did not go the first year but the next I did go. What a freeing experience! I joined AANR the very next week and this year became an Associate member! I love it so much that I do proudly say I’m a nudist!

-Deb S.
Minneapolis, Minnesota

The chance of visiting a nudist club fell into http://nudests.net . In those days I was dating my wife Claudia, but we had not taken a step forward. We were just building up the camaraderie in those days. Then out of a blue I was having tea at her place, when her mother entered. Shortly we got acquainted, then her mom mother asked me if I want to join her and Claudia over the weekend at a bare resort. I found myself saying YES.All she guided me was to feel friendly with everyone.

The next Saturday morning we were on our way. When we reached there, all I can say it was a bare forest, but very well kept.

Shortly they both got there, clothes off as if it was ordinary routine. I also needed to take off. I was shy a bit, but to my amazement no one troubled to look at me. Claudia’s mom, seeing me hesitating a bit, offered to show me the resort. I was surprised to see naked ladies/ women playing volleyball, other sports and swimming with nude guys. Not only this but men shooting pictures of their relatives in nude. This made me feel comfortable.

All I can say is it was a best weekend I ever had. I felt healthy, and noticed that I ‘d developed more assurance. Now My wife and I are regular members of that resort. We’ve made many friends there. I advise to all or any people around the globe take a rest and provide your life an opportunity to transform.

Bochum, Armed forces Europe, Middle East, Africa, Canada
Finest auto ride ever

I consider my first time experience to be when my(then future) wife and I were taking a road trip to Canada. It was in 1989 and we were driving up Interstate 81 through New York. It was a delightful day. My wife was driving the car and we had the windows down. We were both just enjoying the ride and also the gorgeous landscape that was passing by and I started to get the feeling that I was wearing too much clothes , and so I kicked off my shoes and got out of my shirt.

We drove along for a little while longer and I began slipping my slacks away. My wife looked at me and asked, “what are you really doing?” I told her I was becoming comfortable. Not long after that I slipped out of my undies, and was cruising up Interstate 81 naked as a Jay bird.

It was excellent! My wife thought I was mad. I believe she still does but she’s stuck with me for nearly 20 years.

Now I realize that wasn’t a group nudist encounter but it absolutely was the first time I declared myself a man who likes to be nude. I do have to also add that that car ride was the best memory I have of that trip.


Though I’ve considered myself a nudist, or naturist, for about 9 years now (I’m 41) I

really began down the path to being a nudist right before I entered my early teens. How I learned of nudism I don’t recall. Since I was raised in an exceptionally conservative family I do recall that my parents opinion of it wasn’t positive. So I’m quite confident doing something that my parents would be against was part of my motivation for me at the time.
During the summer of 1975 my mom got a job. Up until then she was a stay at home mom while my father went to work regular. With my mum working now too it meant that suddenly I had the summer home to myself during the weekday.
I began by being bare in the house while they were gone to work. Generally I would just do stuff anyone might do but I would do it bare. One time I saw some sunlight coming in through the front door and decided I needed to get outside naked.
Now I should describe my area. It was an old blue-collar neighborhood in a major Texas city. My backyard was a little larger than half an acre. When they built the neighborhood they did not contain an alley. At the far back there were two really old wooden tool sheds (which play a part in the story after), some trees, as well as a close jungle of bamboo that blocked views to the dwellings in the back. On each side of the back yard were other homes with just a wire fence separating the yards. This meant our property was open to viewing by neighbors on both sides. They had fences, trees, and constructions that meant none of the neighbors beyond them could be viewed. The front yard was average sized with a driveway and no fencing or seclusion for most of it. We lived on a curve at an intersection with another area street.
My first encounters going outside naked were in my backyard when my parents were gone. I’d look to see whether the neighbors cars on both sides were gone (being that everyone worked I assumed that meant no one was home) and then strip and go out the back door. I found it exhilarating every time I did this. So I decided to find more ways to be bare outside more frequently. Which meant I needed to find a way to be naked when my parents were home.
I made the decision to convert one of the primeval tool sheds into my own private naturist resort. What I told my parents was that it’d be my club house. Of course since I did not have a club I suppose that didn’t matter. It’d have just appeared to them like another one of those silly notions I had all the time. One of the tool sheds, which I guess had really been a rather good sized workshop long time ago, was in pretty good shape structurally but it was a disaster inside. Decades of dirt and junk had piled up. So I grabbed a broom and paper towels and started cleaning. Once it was clean (to use the word loosely) it was time to allow it to be private. So I got some trash bags, which were solid black, and cut the seams and used them to cover a sizable open part that faced a neighbor’s house. Since the tool shed was in the far back buried in the bamboo I was secluded from our house and everyone else’s now. Plus, the other shed, which was bigger, gave additional protection from the view of the neighbors. I do not know how many hours that summer I spent out there listening to the radio or reading while naked.
But none of this was enough for me. So I made a decision to push the envelope some more.
In the summer of 1976 I started scaling out my bedroom window nude at night while my parents were asleep. My bedroom window was on the side of the house with a brick wall separating it from the neighbors. So being there meant I was outside looking at the front yard while naked. But since it was dark no one could see me from the road. The only threat was if my parents decided to check on me and discovered I was not in the room. Slowly I began to walk further and further in the yard each night. Being that it was around midnight or after there wasn’t any traffic and no one was outside but me. Nor could they see me from any windows. At least once or twice I jogged down the block to the stop sign and walked back.
But this was not the biggest danger I took. At this time I also stopped utilizing the back door to get to my backyard when http://nuderoad.com were gone. Instead I decided to walk out the front door nude, in broad day, and around the home to the front gate. But rather than use the gate I’d climb over the fence only for the experience. Anything to boost the sensation of being naked. And this was when I began climbing trees in the back yard, which was dangerous too.
Now comes the really foolish section of the story when it all falls apart. One day, Lord knows why, I decided to take the trash outside while bare. Maybe I was nave and thought I could simply get away with this since I seemed to get away with so much else. Or perhaps it was the thrill of the risk of getting caught. Recall there was not an alley so crap pick up happened in front of the house next to the road. So here I go wearing just my birthday suit out to the road carrying a bag of trash. And http://nudistszone.com ‘t you understand it some neighbor kids (who I didn’t understand) went by on their bikes, stopped and stared for a second. I turned and walked back in the home scared I was going get in big trouble. Nothing seemed to come of this over the following day or two so I figured it was cool. Boy was I wrong.
Later that week I went to a youth event down in Houston. Upon my return as I was dropped off by a friend I saw my parents sitting on the front porch as they often did when the weather was nice. But when I came up I saw they weren’t happy. It was then that I learned the kids had told their parents who had called the police. The police had arrived while I was gone to investigate a report of a flasher. Nevertheless , once they spoke to the children that had seen me they were so intimidated that they wouldn’t talk and the cops agreed not to pursue it.
Now do not go believing I was out of the woods yet. As I wrote earlier my parents were very old-fashioned and did not approve of nudism. They just could not comprehend why I would do something like this. And they talked about how disappointed they were in me. So this ended my outside nudist teen ventures to say the least.
Off and on through the years afterward I would still sometimes be bare inside while home alone. But even after getting married, my lovely wife and I did not go around the house bare. Afterward about 9 years ago I learned of Christian Naturists and discovered there was no conflict between my beliefs and naturism. In reality, I learned that they actually go together. By visiting naturist web sites I learned more of naturist philosophy and body recognition. While my wife became a household nudist I taken social naturism as really being a large part of my life.
Now whenever the temperature allows I’m bare at home. I’ve written numerous articles for the Christian Naturist newsletter Fig Leaf Forum. I keep two naturist web sites too as participating here on Cat’s message board and others. And I am a moderator of a local Yahoo Christian Naturist group, which meets together monthly. So now I am participating in social nudist events at house parties and naturist resorts. All my close friends are either naturists or know of and have no issue with my naturism.

Being relativly new to the universe of nudism I have hardly any nudist experiances so mine would

probarly be my first bare experiance, although more recently I met a women at a shore who told me her first nudest experiance she was 17 years old and holidaying with family in the us, her parents had gone sight seeing for the day and she chose to take a look at some of the local beaches. after some time of searching she found a lovely serene little cove where there was know one else near and as the day had started out bad weather wise she’d not packed her bathing suit but as the day had brightened up she believed that she couldn’t pass up the idea of a quick swim and as the shore was desserted she didnt think anything of stripping off and taking A dip anyhow after some time of swimming she started to get chilly and so swam to a small rocky island about 50 yards out. after warming on the island she started to make back toward the shore after reaching the seashore she made the shocking discovery that while she had been sunbathing on the island the tide had come in and all of her clothes running shoes and all had been required by the ocean. she was stranded no clothes no towel and what made matters worse was that she had walked to the shore so she had no automobile, t here was only one thing to do she would need to walk back through a active resedential estate in broad day stark naked, so she did it. she said that she must have seen over 60 people over that to mile walk back to her flat an it was the most exhilerating experiance of her life. now thats bowels !

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When I was like 18 I had started seeing this girl who lived in an apt with her mother. After dinner plus

a movie we headed back to her place and we walked into the living room only to find her naked mummy sleeping on the sofa. She’d thought that her mother would still be at work only to discover that Mother only worked a half shift that day, had come home, stripped naked, had a couple glasses of wine and fallen asleep watching TV. She gets up drunk and disoriented from sleep and just matter of factly introduces herself to me. I’m figuring that since it is only her and the daughter residing there nudity might be cool between them but she likely isn’t OK with some odd lad seeing her naked and might flip out once she wakes up a bit more and understands that she’s nude. I start trying to acquire an interest in studying the wall next to me and apologize to her while my date says ” http://beachnymphs.com does not care” and starts laughing at me. Turns out they were nudists; at the time I ‘d never been to a nudist place or been naked infront of many individuals whatsoever. After that we ended up all being nude at their apt a lot.

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Another time I was at home in the afternoon and my roommates were both on the job. I made the decision to clean my bathroom and take a shower. I always clean the toilet bare so I don’t have to worry about getting water or cleaning chemicals on my clothes. I proceed to the kitchen to get the mop and older nudism and on the way back I come around the corner only to be face to face with my roommate’s GF, who’d stayed over the previous night and had been in his room. We both apologized, thinking that we may have piqued the other and quickly laughed about it when we recognized that she wasn’t offended by my nudity and I was not offended by her having viewed mine.

When I was 7 several of us were playing. Among the girls said she’d get nude.

How cool. She asked the lads to join her and no one did, so I said I ‘d. It was just so wonderful to be there nude and natual like that. It was the very first time that I was ever nude with anyone and I adored it.

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I never had an opportunity to be naked till I was old. In high school we went on a trip with my family to St.Martin’s Orient Beach. http://videonudism.com/hot/naturism-video-clips.php was so awesome so many naked people. My family was amused and I remained naked with them. Then I went down the shore, took off my suit, and walked down the beach naked. So many folks naked and so many clothed. I loved it. I stood in line at a restroom naked and it was so neat. I had to put lotion on http://peenudist.com that never were tanned before and it was so amazing to simply stand and do it. There were two girls watching me and it seemed so natural. They were my age.
I spent the afternoon avoiding my family and being naked all day. I was solicited. One thing I did find though is that I was a little smaller … all right …. a lot smaller than every guy there. You know what I mean. My small penis was about an inch and a half soft and looked like a small mushroom cap.
Occasionally some girls would giggle when I walked by, but I did not care, I still loved being naked. I’m very slim and muscle and girls say good looking, but I am really small, so it was embarrassing at first.
Now, I go to nude beaches whenever I can, I adore Haulover in Florida. I evern trim my pubic hair really close and I really don’t mind if some girls giggle at my small little organ. I really like it even though …
I go naked at my house whenever I can and when I go to college I’m never going to wear clothes at home. I love to be naked as much as possible. Sure, I wish I was bigger, but nonetheless, it simply is not important. It does reach almost 5 inches when I ‘m excited, still modest but oh well. Regardless of how you seem, you should get bare as frequently as possible. It’s the greatest. I am hoping this will help other guys who are small or girls with small breasts recognize that being nude can be wonderful no matter what you look like.
And, should you see a little guy, laugh in case you’d like, but get to know him, he might be a great guy!!

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