Incorrect Locker Room? have never done it, but I’ve been surprised by a girl in the inappropriate spot.

There were 4 high school boys who’d come to swim at the gym with a few girl friends or sisters, and they were showering and steaming and taking their time to get done while the ladies got increasingly more impatient outside waiting to go home.

Eventually, of the ladies threatened to come in to bring them. were buck naked, rare for .za teenagers in our locker rooms these days, and believed the idea uproarious and so one of them told her to try it. view were still laughing their butts off when she did, and she got more than an eyeful.

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follow have never seen such a change in mood – the four guys went into a complete tailspin, diving for cover and towels. She gave me a quick “sorry” on her way out, presumably a little embarrassed at having found someone other than her four friends in there.

Wow, read were upset. They didn’t find my lack of sympathy really enjoyable, either.

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